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From the statistics shown online shopping has led to cheaper sales compared to classic shopping, reduced emissions of dangerous chlorofluorocarbons into our atmosphere, and a more eco-friendly way of shopping. Unlike the traditional shopping of going out to, online shopping is the purchasing of goods through the internet from another person selling to someone buying.

But from these statistics people believe their economic development and environmentally friendly services do not correlate at all. Most of the waste is from the cardboard boxes that items are shipped in and most end up in landfills because its the main way to return online products. This makes double the amount of packing to send and package products. With online shopping it is possible to save more money instead of shopping in stores that takes up more time and effort to get something, which benefits the employees of online markets and the customers.

Companies like Amazon, make their income by making products cheaper for us to buy but keeping their profits low. A former employee from Amazon stated that, Amazon gets rewarded for not making money Business insider. From most online shopping services, money is saved from ordering online instead of physically going to the store to buy products for the customers.

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Through online marketing the future of innovation and integration into major economic growth is extremely possible. Less dangerous chlorofluorocarbons are released into our atmosphere with minimal usage of trucks and other shipping vehicles from online companies like Amazon, Ebay, Etc.

From calculations less dangerous chemicals are emitted with one deliverer. How much emission is burnt from a single truck driver compared to multiple customers driving somewhere for their products? Online shopping can slow the decay of global warming by reducing the amount of chemicals released in the atmosphere that could damage civilization. Online shopping is the future of buying goods and one of the greenest ways to shop in our current society.

Especially with the evolution of technology, purchasing online to download is the main reason for eco-friendly shopping.

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With downloading online, no packaging is needed to be prepared for the store. Online shopping is very easy and convenient than moving to a shop. Through online shopping, downloading is safer on the environment than going buying something out of a store. Ultimately, without an effective plan to deal with the environmental and economic disruption faced from the excessive use of physical shopping the majority of land will be wasted on shopping that could lead to destruction of land.

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However as technology advance and online shopping becomes more popular less of an impact on our environment. Without the influence of online shopping, what will our future generations be left with?

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A polluted megalopolis of huge buildings and large amounts of land used for shops, when all it could be fixed with online shopping. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website.

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